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As a highly qualified architect with degrees in Environmental Studies and Architecture from the prestigious University of Waterloo, Cheryl brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her work. Her career has been characterized by a successful combination of teaching and practice, which has allowed her to develop a unique perspective and approach to architecture.

During her time as a Senior Associate at Teeple Architects Inc (TAI), Cheryl made significant contributions as a Project Architect and design collaborator on a wide range of educational and institutional projects. Her portfolio includes diverse projects such as libraries, community centres, childcare centres, schools, and university teaching facilities, which have been widely recognized for their outstanding design excellence and sustainability. Notably, Cheryl has been involved in projects that have received four Governor General awards and five OAA Awards, showcasing her commitment to delivering exceptional architectural solutions that push the boundaries of design.

In addition to her accomplishments in educational and institutional architecture, Cheryl has also showcased her expertise in commercial interiors. Her work on two large commercial interiors projects at TAI has been honored with Best of Canada Awards by Canadian Interiors Magazine and National Post, further attesting to her exceptional talent and dedication to creating innovative and award-winning designs.

Cheryl’s diverse background in environmental studies, architecture, teaching, and practice brings a unique and valuable perspective to her work at Atkinson Architects. Her unwavering passion for design excellence, sustainability, and recognition for her outstanding projects make her a highly respected and sought-after architect in the industry. Cheryl’s ability to seamlessly integrate her diverse skills and experiences into her architectural practice makes her a true asset to Atkinson Architects and the broader architectural community.