Bernstein, Newman & Associates


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Bernstein Newman and Associates is a distinguished law firm that specializes solely in criminal defence law. We do not handle cases related to corporate, commercial, civil, contracts, or real estate law. Our focus is on providing exceptional legal representation in criminal trials, covering all Criminal Code of Canada offences, including murder, firearms and weapons, drug-related crimes, assaults, sexual assaults, child pornography, fraud, white collar crimes, drinking and driving, and young offender offences.

At Bernstein Newman and Associates, we have a dedicated team of criminal defence lawyers who are equipped with the necessary staff and resources to handle your case with the utmost care and attention. We work collaboratively with you to provide expert legal guidance and representation throughout the entire criminal process, from arrest to trial. Our goal is to alleviate your concerns and worries, so you can rest easy knowing that your case is in capable hands.

Our Partners and Associate lawyers are highly experienced and trained in criminal law, having successfully defended various criminal cases. We make sure to keep you informed about every step of your case, including what to expect in the future. We can even appear in court on your behalf, enabling you to focus on your work or studies. This level of personalized service is not often possible with smaller law firms.

At Bernstein Newman and Associates, we strive to provide the best possible defence and have a remarkably high success rate. Our thorough preparation often results in the Crown Attorney withdrawing the case, a more favourable plea deal, or a win at trial.