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Avi J. Charney is a Barrister and Solicitor, Notary Public, and a Commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario. He is also licensed to practice law as an Advocate in the State of Israel. His practice areas primarily involve Estates and Real Estate matters, with a focus on client satisfaction and providing excellent legal advice. Avi has a keen interest in psychology, self-help, and psychotherapy, which he uses to assist clients in understanding the legal and non-legal issues they face.

Avi obtained his Bachelors in psychology from York University and his law degree from the University of London, England. He completed a Masters of Laws in Public International Law at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He served in an elite intelligence unit of the I.D.F. and later worked as an in-house lawyer and Trustee at an investment house in Israel before being called to bar in Ontario, Canada.

Avi’s unique background and legal experience make him a trusted legal advisor to individuals, estates, and businesses in both Canada and Israel. He provides legal services related to inheritance planning and real estate, and as a Notary Public, he can notarize documents designated for use in Israel and prepare legal opinions on Canadian law submitted to courts in Israel.

Avi is committed to access to justice and utilizes technology to facilitate meetings and the provision of legal services throughout Ontario, Canada.