CS Studio


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Control System Studio (CS-Studio) is a collection of tools and applications designed for monitoring and operating large-scale control systems, specifically in the accelerator community. The original implementation of CS-Studio is based on the eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) framework, which provides an extensible and pluggable architecture for building modular applications.

Phoebus, on the other hand, is a pure Java/JavaFX based implementation of CS-Studio, utilizing Java features such as Service Provider Interface (SPI) and modules to achieve the same extensibility and modularity in its architecture.

Both CS-Studio and Phoebus are products that are developed and maintained through collaboration between numerous laboratories and universities. This collaborative effort ensures that the tools and applications are continuously improved, updated, and adapted to the evolving needs of the accelerator community. The use of modern Java technologies and modular architecture allows for flexibility, scalability, and extensibility in the development and maintenance of control systems for large-scale applications.