Cumulus Architects Inc.


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Cumulus Architects Inc. is a cutting-edge architecture and design firm based in Toronto, driven by a team-based approach to design and integrated project delivery. Our philosophy centers around harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of our staff, consultants, and clients to achieve exceptional design outcomes.

Our founding Principals, Sheldon Catarino and Paul Szaszkiewicz, bring extensive expertise in leading diverse projects across Canada and the US. With a wealth of experience in institutional, residential, commercial, mixed-use, and healthcare sectors, our portfolio spans a wide range of scales and complexities.

At Cumulus Architects, we believe that collaboration and engagement are vital to unlocking innovative design solutions. Our inclusive approach fosters dynamic partnerships with clients and stakeholders, resulting in design solutions that are not only functional and sustainable but also meaningful and responsive to the unique needs of each project.

As a new and forward-thinking firm, Cumulus Architects is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design excellence, delivering projects that are not only visually compelling but also efficient, sustainable, and socially responsible. We are committed to creating built environments that inspire, enhance, and positively impact the communities they serve.