Denizens of Design Inc.


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Denizens of Design Inc. is a full-service design studio that specializes in creating public and commercial spaces centered around building community. The name “Denizens” refers to inhabitants of a particular space, and the studio’s approach is to fully immerse themselves in the design practice itself, creating a sense of belonging without boundaries.

In the design process, Denizens of Design takes great care in understanding the unique needs of each project, without adhering to a single style. The studio invests time in researching and immersing themselves in the brand, while drawing inspiration from culturally, historically, and aesthetically relevant sources. They have worked with grassroots businesses and large organizations across the globe, engaging in new ways of thinking and working by connecting with diverse people and communities through a process of discovery.

At Denizens of Design, the approach is experiential. The studio believes that the only way to embark on a project is to experience similar spaces firsthand, as formal research in its own right, but also as a form of embodied knowledge. By living and seeing, they gain access to gateways of insight and revelation that bolster their practical experience and credentials, enriching their design approach with a deep understanding of the spaces they create.