EBT Medical Inc


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EBT Medical, founded in 2014, is a pioneering company focused on developing novel neuromodulation technologies that aim to revolutionize the treatment of pelvic health disorders. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for patients suffering from conditions such as overactive bladder (OAB), using cutting-edge neurostimulation technology.

Our flagship product is a clinical-grade, noninvasive neurostimulator and its associated ecosystem for the treatment of OAB. This innovative device utilizes advanced neuromodulation techniques to provide safe and effective treatment for OAB, a common and debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

At EBT Medical, we are committed to innovation and have a significant patent estate covering multiple neuromodulation technologies, including issued patents on the Saphenous nerve for various pelvic health indications. This intellectual property underscores our dedication to developing groundbreaking solutions for pelvic health disorders.

Our management team and advisory board are comprised of experienced professionals with decades of relevant experience in pelvic health, neuromodulation, and consumer health. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide our company’s vision and drive our innovation forward.

We are passionate about improving the lives of patients suffering from pelvic health disorders and are dedicated to advancing the field through research, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to provide effective, noninvasive, and patient-friendly solutions for those in need, and we are committed to making a meaningful impact in the field of pelvic health.