ENFORM Architects Inc


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ENFORM is a specialized firm that focuses on designing high-performance buildings with very low energy consumption. Their unique process involves energy budgeting, benchmarking, and systems concept development to ensure that project targets for energy performance, capital cost, and aesthetics are achieved.

At the outset of each project, ENFORM conducts a thorough review of the opportunity in the context of other low-energy buildings. They carefully analyze the expected energy performance of the building, allowing for major decisions such as budgeting, site planning, and performance planning to be made before detailed design.

ENFORM’s approach avoids typical value engineering, which often involves cost-cutting measures that may compromise the performance or quality of the building. Instead, they infuse value engineering in its truest sense into the project’s framework, so that important values, such as energy performance and sustainability, remain embedded in the final building.

By prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability from the beginning of the design process, ENFORM aims to create buildings that not only meet project targets for energy performance and capital cost, but also deliver long-term value and contribute to a more sustainable built environment.