FCA Surety Bonds


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Since our founding in 1919, FCA has established itself as a leading surety bond brokerage in Canada. Our team is committed to assisting both first-time and experienced buyers in securing the necessary surety bonds. We specialize in providing contract, commercial, and developer surety solutions.

Our contract surety bond offerings include bid, performance, and labour & material payment bonds. Our commercial surety services encompass estate bonds and customs & excise bonds. Our developer surety offerings include tarion bonds and condominium deposit insurance.

Our brokers possess in-depth expertise across all categories of surety bonding and are committed to delivering unmatched service throughout the entire bonding process, ensuring a quick and seamless experience.

Not sure what type of surety bond you require? Get in touch with our team of professionals today! We’ll work with you to identify the appropriate bond tailored to your specific needs and budget.