Fiorino Design Inc


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With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in diverse sectors and markets across North America, we have established a proven track record as creative problem solvers. Our successful collaborations with clients over the years speak to our ability to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Our team comprises of in-house experts as well as skilled external resources, carefully selected to match the unique requirements of each project. We are a team of creative and detail-oriented thinkers who share a deep passion for design and its impact on the world. Drawing from our combined marketplace understanding, hands-on expertise, and technical knowledge, we have the capability to manage and execute the entire design process from start to finish.

Throughout our journey, we have been honored with numerous awards, recognizing our exceptional work in the industry. Our diverse portfolio includes chain accounts, airport retail spaces, and one-of-a-kind specialty stores in both Canada and the United States. Our extensive experience in designing for various markets and sectors has equipped us with the insights and expertise needed to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

As creative problem solvers, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach each project with fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for design is evident in every project we undertake, resulting in exceptional spaces that leave a lasting impact.