Industrial Storm


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At our core, we prioritize comfort, style, luxury, materials, and quality in the development of our furniture collection. We believe in distilling designs to their essence and using exceptional materials and finishes to create truly remarkable pieces, whether for products or interiors.

Gary, our lead designer, is a native New Yorker who honed his craft at the prestigious Parson School of Design in Interiors and Furniture, as well as the esteemed School of Decorative Arts at the Louvre in Paris. With extensive experience working with renowned Designers, Architects, Celebrities, and Artisans in New York, Asia, and Europe, Gary brings a wealth of skills and expertise in both furniture and interior design to our team.

When approaching design, Gary has a keen eye for the big picture. He considers elements such as space, materials, scale, and comfort in every project, whether it’s a custom piece of furniture or a yacht interior. He understands that design should be an enjoyable and collaborative experience for both the client and the designer, and this philosophy guides his approach to every project he undertakes.