Ja Architecture Studio


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Ja Architecture Studio is a Toronto-based Canadian practice led by an Iranian-Canadian duo, comprising an architect and a landscape designer. With a unique approach that combines the local rootedness of an architecture firm with the diverse interests of an international design studio, Ja Architecture Studio takes on a wide range of projects, from small to medium-sized buildings that navigate intricate building constraints to ambitious international competitions that draw upon the collective knowledge of the discipline.

The practice’s trajectory is shaped by a method of simultaneously working at opposite ends of the professional spectrum, addressing both detail-oriented building constraints and broader conceptual questions. Ja Architecture Studio’s work extends beyond traditional architectural boundaries, exploring the intersection of iconography, geometry, form, and tectonics with contemporary art, politics, construction, landscape, and urbanism.

Engaging in thoughtful design conversations with various stakeholders, such as curators, local furniture makers, and neighbors, the studio investigates the core of architecture by operating at multiple points around its periphery. By connecting the themes and interests within the studio with those of the wider world, Ja Architecture Studio seeks to explore the merit and relevance of its ideas across diverse scales and contexts. The studio’s work has been widely published and exhibited both nationally and internationally, reflecting its commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural discourse.