James Bailey Architect


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Architecture allows me to combine my unique personality and skills with ingenuity and energy to create innovative site-specific design solutions. I believe that proposals should not only consider the site’s history and heritage, but also support and contribute to the local and regional context, minimize environmental impact, and provide flexibility for future growth. In addition to providing clean and comfortable spaces, architecture should inspire its users.

I am particularly passionate about conservation architecture. What attracts me to heritage work is the challenges it often brings. The history and stories of the people, events, and evolution associated with these buildings are just as exciting as the work undertaken to restore and maintain their condition. I am fascinated by the process of carefully selecting materials, designing interventions, and planning preservation efforts to maintain the integrity of some of the country’s best-built heritage.

Currently, I am constantly developing my knowledge and skills through the projects I work on, continuing professional development (CPD) courses, and workshops. My goal is to obtain AABC (Architects Accredited in Building Conservation) accreditation to further specialize in conservation architecture and contribute to the preservation of our built heritage.