Noda Designs


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Noda Designs stands out for several reasons. Firstly, despite being based in Toronto, our work extends beyond borders, with projects spanning across the globe. Our design approach is greatly influenced by our travels, as we collect inspiration and ideas from diverse cultures and regions.

Furthermore, our expertise encompasses a wide range of services, including interior design, interior decorating, custom builds, and multi-sensory experiences. We seamlessly transition between residential and commercial spaces, bringing our mischievous high-style and unique perspective to each project.

As designers, we have a keen eye for curating objects that perfectly complement our clients’ spaces. We also create custom furniture, and proudly offer our own line of decor and furnishings, adding that signature Noda wink to every design. Our attention to detail and commitment to creating beautiful and functional environments sets us apart, as we skillfully translate our clients’ ideas into stunning reality.