Paradox Interior Design


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Paradox Interior Design is a rising design firm that specializes in residential and commercial renovations, remodeling, decorating, and color consulting. With both in-person and online services, the firm caters to clients with varying budgets, making their expertise accessible to a wide range of clientele.

Paradox ID believes that a well-designed interior goes beyond aesthetics, but also encompasses functionality and inspiration. They view interiors as the heart of our lives and creative work environments, where memories are made and goals are achieved. With their creativity and knowledge, they aim to provide their clients with safe, beautiful, and enticing interiors that they deserve.

Giuseppe, the founder of Paradox Interior Design, moved to Toronto from Italy in 2009 and graduated from the RCC Institute of Technology in 2017. He brings a background in high-end hospitality services and management, with extensive experience in both Europe and North America. His knowledge of hospitality and multicultural insights play a crucial role in understanding clients’ needs and guiding him to deliver design solutions that are on-point, whether it’s for a new restaurant or a welcoming living space.