Richmond Architects


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Richmond Architects Ltd. is a well-established architectural firm based in Toronto, specializing in both large and small-scale projects, including condominium residences, retail, commercial, and institutional buildings. With over 30 years of experience, the firm has earned a reputation as a leader in the design and development of impressive high-rise buildings in the city.

At the core of Richmond Architects’ practice are its design and technical teams, which are led by senior architects who report directly to the principals in charge of each project. This ensures that the firm maintains a high standard of quality throughout the design and development process. Regular Design Reviews within the office further ensure that the projects meet the firm’s quality standards.

Richmond Architects takes a comprehensive approach to architectural development, handling every aspect from strategic site planning and investigation to the design and approval process. The firm’s staff is known for their efficiency, expertise, and creativity, delivering personalized service and accountability to clients.

With a strong track record of successful projects in Toronto and beyond, Richmond Architects is committed to providing innovative and high-quality architectural solutions for their clients. From initial concept to final construction, the firm’s team of skilled architects and designers work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, while maintaining the highest standards of design, technical expertise, and customer service.