Studio AC (for Architecture and Collaboration)


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The Studio for Architecture and Collaboration (Studio AC) is a collaborative architecture practice based in Toronto, Ontario. Our focus is on design at multiple scales, and we believe in finding creative solutions for our clients’ needs while executing fine and detailed craftsmanship at all levels. We work closely with clients, consultants, designers, artists, and contractors at every stage of our work, from conception to realization.

At Studio AC, we approach every project with excitement and a willingness to create something that is both unique and timeless. We believe that any problem presents limitless opportunities, and we strive to find innovative solutions that meet our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations. Our team has experience working on a wide variety of project types, including residential, commercial, institutional, and cultural buildings, and we bring our diverse expertise to each project.

Studio AC was founded in 2015 by Jennifer Kudlats and Andrew Hill, who have a strong working relationship forged while at KPMB Architects in Toronto. Both Jennifer and Andrew have a deep understanding of architecture and design, and are registered with the Ontario Association of Architects. We bring our passion for collaboration, craftsmanship, and creativity to every project we undertake, with the goal of creating meaningful and enduring architecture that positively impacts the communities we serve.