Susan Speigel Architect Inc.


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SSA is a design firm that specializes in Social Architecture in the Public Realm. Their approach involves combining community-involved design with social activism and an expansive approach to project funding. SSA has found success in not only funding construction costs but also generating operating capital for education and employment initiatives for local residents.

SSA’s approach to Social Architecture involves engaging with communities to understand their needs, aspirations, and cultural context. They involve local residents in the design process, ensuring that their voices are heard and their input is integrated into the final design. This community-involved design approach aims to create spaces that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and empowering to the local community.

In addition to design, SSA also incorporates social activism into their practice. They strive to address social issues and create positive change through their projects, such as promoting social inclusion, economic empowerment, and environmental sustainability. SSA’s goal is to use architecture as a tool for social impact, leveraging design and construction projects to bring about positive social change in the communities they serve.

One of the unique aspects of SSA’s approach is their expansive approach to project funding. They go beyond traditional funding sources and explore innovative ways to generate funding for their projects, including securing operating capital for education and employment initiatives. This approach aims to not only create physical spaces but also invest in the social and economic well-being of the local community by providing opportunities for education, skill development, and employment.

Through their Social Architecture practice, SSA seeks to create meaningful and sustainable impacts in the public realm, using design, community involvement, social activism, and innovative funding approaches to foster positive change in the communities they work with.