Swisterski Design Inc.


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Joanne, principal designer and owner of Swisterski Design Inc., has been deep in the world of interiors for over 15 years in Toronto and internationally. She has worked on high end commercial and residential projects that have pushed the bounds of innovation and creativity, always striving to achieve the best final product while using the most current and efficient methods.

She and her team believe that good design is invaluable, not only to your space, but to your life. Whichever four walls you find yourself standing between are shaping your experiences and your memories. They should be the best.

Next to design, artwork that is entirely customized to your space is something that Swisterski Design specializes in. The team is aware of the impact a painting can have on a room, and have this at the forefront of their minds every time a space is being designed. Art should not be an afterthought, or something that matches what you’ve already designed. It needs to be the heart that powers the rest of the space and is vital to its existence.