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Symbolics Architecture + Design is a multidisciplinary architectural and interior design practice located in Toronto, managed and directed by Peter Vishnovsky, an experienced architect. Our firm is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).

At Symbolics Architecture + Design, our focus is on providing contemporary design and architectural services for a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional spaces. Our design approach is guided by a fluid and intuitive thinking process, allowing us to create unique and innovative solutions for each project.

We embrace quality and design, striving to create built forms and interior environments that respond to the specific requirements of each individual project and the needs of our clients. We believe in an open and flexible dialogue with our clients throughout the design process, and our creative strength and ability to conceptualize allow us to work on projects of varying complexity and scale.

Our ultimate goal is to enrich the user experience through spatial and aesthetic quality, and we are committed to the process of lifelong learning and the constant refinement of our craft. With our expertise in architecture and interior design, we tailor each project to meet the specific needs of our clients and the unique conditions of the site. Symbolics Architecture + Design is dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.