Teeple Architects


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For the past three decades, Teeple Architects has built a formidable reputation for its cutting-edge designs, unwavering commitment to technical excellence, and unparalleled service in both public and private sector projects. With a diverse portfolio of acclaimed works, Teeple Architects has been recognized with numerous awards for design excellence and sustainability at the local, provincial, national, and international levels, including the prestigious International Holcim Award for Sustainable Design and six Governor General’s Medals for Architecture, which is Canada’s highest architectural honor.

At the heart of Teeple Architects’ philosophy is the core goal of creating innovative designs that are rooted in the unique needs and aspirations of each client. The firm’s approach goes beyond mere aesthetics, as they strive to craft architectural concepts that are both conceptually and practically aligned with their clients’ vision. By integrating site-specific considerations such as site conditions, climate, context, and budget requirements into their designs, Teeple Architects has become known for their ability to respond creatively to diverse challenges, resulting in remarkable solutions that are both innovative and beautiful.

With a team of talented and inspired staff, Teeple Architects continues to push the boundaries of design excellence, seeking out new and imaginative ways to elevate each project to its fullest potential. Their unwavering dedication to innovation, technical expertise, and exceptional service has earned them a well-deserved reputation as leaders in the industry, and their commitment to creating meaningful and sustainable architectural solutions remains unwavering.