The Prior Group Real Estate Team


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Dariya is a real estate professional who brings a unique blend of care, creativity, and professionalism to her clients. She understands that buying or selling real estate can be overwhelming, and she is committed to making the experience enjoyable for her clients. Dariya’s seamless guidance throughout the process ensures that whether you are a first-time buyer, first-time seller, investor, or looking to relocate from a different region, you will receive exceptional service.

Dariya’s expertise extends to various types of clients, including those who are new to the real estate market or looking to invest in properties. She understands the specific needs and concerns of different clients and tailors her approach to meet their requirements. Her care and attention to detail, coupled with her creative problem-solving skills, make her an ideal choice for navigating the complexities of buying or selling real estate.

As a professional, Dariya is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism in all her interactions. She is committed to providing her clients with the best possible service, ensuring that their real estate transactions are handled with integrity and expertise. Whether you are buying or selling, Dariya’s personalized approach and exceptional service will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process.

Hardeep Kaur

Michael started out in real estate to establish a career that still allowed him the freedom to live life to its fullest while helping people realize their own dreams—the best of both worlds. Since creating The Prior Group, Michael encourages every team member to do the same. Our mission in real estate is not only to help our clients find their dream house, but to live the life of their dreams by unlocking their home’s true value potential. Building real estate wealth is one of the smartest and safest investment options available to secure the future you want for yourself. We want to ensure your road to financial freedom and security is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Michael, the founder of The Prior Group, entered the real estate industry with the goal of establishing a fulfilling career that allows him to live life to the fullest while helping others achieve their dreams. He encourages every team member at The Prior Group to do the same.

The mission of The Prior Group goes beyond just helping clients find their dream homes. It also involves helping clients unlock the true value potential of their homes and building real estate wealth as a smart and safe investment option for securing their desired future. The team at The Prior Group is committed to ensuring that the road to financial freedom and security for their clients is smooth and stress-free.

With a focus on providing exceptional service and expertise in the real estate industry, The Prior Group aims to help clients achieve their real estate goals while also living a fulfilling life. Michael’s vision of combining the best of both worlds – a successful career in real estate and a fulfilling personal life – is reflected in the team’s approach to serving their clients and helping them realize their dreams in the real estate market.