William C – – Real Estate Agent Toronto


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William, with your deep-rooted connection to real estate and a rich background in the industry, you bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your profession. Raised in Hong Kong, a famous real estate city, and coming from a real estate family, you have been immersed in the industry from an early age. Starting as a conveyancing clerk after completing your undergraduate studies in Hawaii, you have gained hands-on experience in various aspects of real estate, from residential transactions to multi-phase developments.

Building on your passion for real estate, you pursued a Law Degree in Hong Kong and launched your real estate sales career in Toronto. Living in one of the world’s most populated cities has provided you with unique insights into the real estate market, particularly in the booming condominium market, which you believe is a trend for the millennial generation.

Your comprehensive knowledge of North Richmond Hill, including areas such as Lake Wilcox and Oak Ridges, where your extended family resides, demonstrates your familiarity with different neighborhoods and markets. Drawing from your real-life experiences in different cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, and Honolulu, Hawaii, you are able to share valuable insights and expertise with your clients.

As a dedicated and award-winning real estate professional, you are known for your work ethic, enthusiasm, patience, and unwavering loyalty to your clients. Whether they are buying, selling, or both, your clients can expect your undivided attention and top-notch service. Your commitment to excellence and your passion for real estate make you a trusted advisor in helping clients navigate the complexities of the real estate market.